[Advocacy] Dogs need to brush their teeth like we do

Kayla astruggle at furgun.icu
Sun May 5 16:29:32 AEST 2019

80% of Dogs Have Oral Disease - Your Dog Might Be One of Them!

You might be risking your dog's health.For every year you don't brush your dog's teethor provide them with dental care, you are dramatically increasing their chance of life-altering oral diseases. Give your dog's mouth the attention it deserves with DogDentist and save a TON of money in vet bills. Find out howthis one product can reduce the risk
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<http://www.furgun.icu/yvrdm/xixbmctx27276ghizikco/Rv6TqNd83hF-bWKp9tU_5L_1zi8B2d4fJNQJ33TxsGE/7ahR6lyhsGF5pitPcFacgsAz8matuljzsGsqy_-XPRCxYtqXxH1jWojMIoSXjHMTf_Dtp3AX2Z3cKJEcAEhmkB5plGYWWb9tPSSbBLRaKk-Oj9BRWO0uRhHlykrE11AJ>Click Here to Learn More


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