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Tact Watch - The Virtually indestructible SmartWatch
The Virtually Indestructible Tact Watch: Is Its 33-Month Battery Lifetime Worth All The Hype? Watch this video to see how it works...

<http://www.relievemissile.icu/hragi/vqy26843dgeqojlw/AXONN4myXjR2jRhL8SMy1H__UqBPxcHu_Jn1CeVghBw/Ia8hHhDpvfz73abodlqjz8mLpZRCn3-Dt4BntdciafJy4HFKZXXEhimrRvFenOKzbHzs9A-oq7V-NrF5kbgch_J7pXSj2I1_xeIfhd90o_LLmd41mbx-mCtVQ9ZppjEe>This robust, high-quality smartwatch is packed full of the most advanced technology to bring you a range of useful features that will keep you alive even in the worst of situations.

  Suitable for iOS and Android
  Fitness features
  Organize your life

The battery lifetime on one charge is a staggering 33-months. Imagine a smartphone that lasted 33 months? It would change your life! 
There's no need anymore to miss any notifications, even during the toughest of jobs! Thanks to this device, there's now a product that offers helpful reminders and advanced features for better organization and order. Choose between the 3 available colors.
Claim your exclusive offer on this durable smartwatch  compatible with all devices!

721 North High Point Court Apex, NC 27502
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