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The last time a young Knicks prospect was seen in a walking boot to protect his left ankle, it cost him nine games. That was Mitchell Robinson, who may return from a sprain against the Trail Blazers on Monday after a three-week absence. Late in the giddy Knicks locker room at Staples Center on Friday, Frank Ntilikina eerily wore a similar boot. In their skid-busting, 119-112 victory over the Lakers, Ntilikina came out late in the first quarter after 56 seconds, sustaining what the club called a strained tendon in his left ankle. That differs from the more common sprained ligament. The injury occurred after he got stripped by Josh Hart and raced back on defense. Ntilikinas return is unclear and it sounds more than minor. The Frenchman said he was happy X-rays were negative, but theres a chance he undergoes an MRI exam to determine the extent of the tendon damage.


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