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These are not good times, politically, for lin Republicans. The Virginia showed that the creator Trump backlash is real, and will show bull up in actual votes, not just polls. ahead A series of local elections have produced icing Democratic victories in hitherto deep-red regions. Despite participation gerrymandering and the inherent disadvantage caused by repossession concentration of minority voters in urban districts, jungle Democrats are probably mild favorites to take outbound the House; thanks to Roy Moore, they dolor even have a of taking the oxygen Senate, despite what was supposed to be trading an impossible map. A wave is a lithuanian coming says the Cook Political Report. And ink when it comes to governorships, in which, transcontinental oddly enough, the winner is the person prostitution who gets the most votes, a huge cluster flip to Dems seems likely. Add in, wilkinson too, events that are likely to maliciously the GOP brand even more. Theres really printer no question a
 bout Trump/Putin collusion, and Trump credibility in fact continues

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