[Advocacy] You No longer need an Air Conditioner

Cory Campbell career at reactionart.icu
Thu Apr 25 20:16:52 AEST 2019

Set your own temperature with thisPortable Personal Cooler Fan

<http://www.reactionart.icu/pettvnutz/ori26398gykzvrqz/dqifXgphlvDwbnWp9AlF3iXJsftrjaexrzCAuyMea6c/kv4pv5Q-D3uyYWcH1oHuMF2WDAxX25sYDIOnJB4N_KG8KnvoGNzfMA3nLDwMI4FeXJ1SRQnb71522kx581EGpf9alMtpydNqYULuAumZ1q6z9L6FFpO-iovbgXMbBks6>Using CoolAir could not be simpler. In less than a minute you can be enjoying the benefits of a beautifully temperature-controlled personal space.1. Fan has three different speeds2. Easy to operate: powered by USB3. Water tank lasts up to eight hours4. Seven different mood light colour options5. Compact  can fit into a range of spaces6. Portable  can be taken on travels
Limited stock... Hurry UP!IT MIGHT BE GETTING HOT OUT BUT YOU CAN STAY COOL WITH COOLAIRCoolAir  Portable Relief From The Heat

 516 Honey Creek Lane Capitol Heights, MD 20743
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<http://www.reactionart.icu/skizq/6skBbMXgbvoi-OpFF6L9z6q1ZmuAuLUYqNdyptMla9fpGE185xk22517bnQRS1JXeF4IMwDLn3AMfzNGovnK8GK_N4BJnOIDYs52XxADW2FMuHo1HcWYyu3D-Q5vp4vk.c6aeMyuACzrxeajrtfsJXi3FlA9pWnbwDvlhpgXfiqd>.A 99-year-old Oregon woman may have died not knowing that many of her organs were not where they shouldve been Rose Marie Bentley is thought to be the oldest person with a rare condition called situs inversus with levocardia, meaning that her heart was in the right place, but her lier and other abdominal organs grew on the left side of her body  the opposite of typical human anatomy Medical students at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland discovered Bentleys condition during a gross anatomy class last spring. Cameron Walker, an assistant professor of anatomy, said his students first noticed that the blood vessels in Bentleys chest were oddly formed, but didnt realize the extent of the variation until later in the semester that made me gay, I would have cut it out with
  a knife he said f you had oered me a pill to make me straight, I wouldve swallowed it before you had time to give me a sip of water Opinion: Mayor Pete Buttigiegs countercultural approach to Christianity is what America needs now Rini's name came up in a DNA database, officials saidRecords show Rini was released from an Ohio prison March 7 after serving more than a year for burglary and vandalism Rini was among four men charged in Medina County in 2017 after officials said they hosted a party and caused more than 

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