[Advocacy] I just had the best (s e x) of my life this morning

Benjamin brail at dzodash.info
Wed Oct 17 00:06:55 AEDT 2018

The Only Way To GetHard In Under 1 minute

advocacy at lists.linux.org.auGive him this to get up and hard in seconds

We both came twice

size increase:








This past weekend we did it 8 times

Enjoy The Best S e x 
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The most imposing institutions of mankind are the oldest; and yet so changing is the world, so fluctuating are its needs, so apt to lose inward force, though retaining out ward strength, are its best instruments, that we must not expect the oldest institutions to be now the most efficient. We must expect what isyesterday's institutions are by far the best for to-day; they are the most ready, the most influential, the most easy to get obeyed, the most likely to retain the reverence which they alone inherit, and which every other must win.essence is strong with the strength of modern simplicity; its exterior is august with the Gothic grandeur of a more imposing age. Its simple essence may, mutatis mutandis, be transplanted to many very various countries, but its august outsidewhat most men think it isis narrowly confined to nations withaction, is decidedly simple and rather modern. We have made, or rather stumbled on, a constitution whichthough full of every species of incidental defec
 t, though of the worst workmanship in all out-of-the-way matters of any constitution in the worldyet has two capital merits: it contains a simple

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