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Are you aware that Google has made big changes which effect their search  
engine results and could be devastating to your website's Google rankings.  
Google now requires all websites to be mobile friendly. Any website which  
is not mobile friendly will not be found in Google's search results. It  
means your website might drop drastically in the Google search results  
unless you have a mobile friendly website.

If you have not updated your website in a while, you might have a website  
which is not mobile friendly and your potential clients will not be able to  
find you. You will lose inquiries and sales because your potential  
customers will be finding your competitors instead of you.

I would like to talk to you about how we can help you overcome these  
changes. Please reply with your phone number and one of our friendly staff  
will call you to discuss how we can help keep you in the top pages of the  
Google search results by making the necessary changes to your website to  
ensure your website is mobile friendly according to Google's requirements.

We have years of experience and dedicated technicians committed to  
providing an affordable and professional service.

Best regards,

Joanne| MobileWeb-Guru

Mobile World Compliance Pty Ltd
Headquarters: 41 Bridge Rd Glebe, NSW 2037, Australia
Other Offices: Hong Kong & China | USA | New Zealand | UAE | Singapore
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