[Advocacy] Charity Work For God with $120,000.000 Fund !!!!!

Mrs Kate Mcgrath ficolise1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 3 14:19:40 EST 2014

Dear Trusted in the Lord,
I am contacting you with tears in my eyes to assist me, Please do Find time to Read my message below and May the good Lord Bless you Amen.
 My name is Mrs Kate McGrath, i am from Dublin Ireland, I am a sick widowed suffering from cancer for so many years now. From all indication my condition is deteriorating and its quite obvious that i might not live long, because the cancer stage is now very severe. as the doctor have said.

My husband Mr Nolan McGrath died some years back and my only daughter died in the London BOMB ATTACK.
I have suffered a lot of pains in this sickness and so much loneliness, in this condition and i will not wish same for anyone that i know, that is why i want to help in charity work for humanitarian service with my money i inherited.
My late husband was a very wealthy oil merchant and after his death, i inherited the sum of $ 120,000,000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty Million United State Of American Dollars) which i have managed all these while before i became sick and diagnose to die soon. This $120,000,000.00 is deposit with a Finance Company.
 I am contacting you with regard to my last wish on charity work for humanitarian 
service, i want 40% of the Fund use to open a foundation for Cancer in my name 35% for motherless babies less privilege and homeless in EUROPE, AMERICA, ASIA AND AFRICA and 25% will be for you because of your help and any other process you might undergo in carring out my wish.
 Please i seek your utmost trust to help me accomplish this wish on charity work for humanitarian service, please if you know that you will not do as i have wished as stated above do not reply back to me for God sake and remember GOD is watching us and he will judge everyone according to his/her work. i also want you to remember that every thing on earth is vanity upon vanity, what matters most is how much people we can help while on earth. i need your help on this project.
I shall wait to Read from you in Regards to your Help, Please reply back if you sincerely wish to assist.

May the Good Lord Bless you, 

 Your Beloved in the Lord,
 Mrs Kate McGrath.
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