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Wed Nov 6 10:55:53 EST 2013

My name is Ms. Angie Abdul. It is my pleasure to contact you at this moment and i know that you maybe thinking how i got your email; i got your email when i was searching for a trusted partner who can help me to invest money in a profitable business in his or her country without betraying me at the end; my heart speaks to me when i saw your profile in the internet Although this means of communication may not be morally right to you but accept it from me because there is no other means i can introduce myself to you. I am writing this mail to call for your collaboration in a partnership business in your country. I have some money (US$6.700.000) which I want to invest in your country under your control as my business manager. please for more details about this partnership investment contact me at my personal email AT: (angie_abdul at yahoo.com) 

Yours faithful 

Angie Abdul 
angie_abdul at yahoo.com 


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