[Advocacy] Ditch your mobile network and join giffgaff

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Ditch your mobile network and join giffgaff
  A friend of yours thought that you might be interested in joining giffgaff.
  giffgaff is a SIM-only mobile provider with great value prices and no contracts. There's none of that big mobile network nonsense from them. Their shiny SIMs work on smartphones and you can keep your existing mobile number. What more could you want?
  Cut back your mobile cost
   The grass is greener at giffgaff with great value goodybags. For only £10 you can get:
 - A whopping 250 UK minutes
 - Unlimited texts
 - Unlimited mobile internet
 - Free calls and texts to giffgaff
           Decode your data allowance
 Get straightforward monthly prices for your tablet with giffgaff's new data-only gigabags. Just three simple, great value prices and no sneaky hidden charges. You can even pop your SIM in a dongle. Cracking. 
  Mobile addicts at your service
 giffgaff has an army of super clever people who know everything about mobiles. They can answer any of your questions and usually respond in under 3 minutes.
    Joining is easy...
    1. Order a free SIM card.
 2. Once it's hit your doormat, activate your SIM online.
 3. Pop it into your handset.
  Cheerio for now! 
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