[Advocacy] anonymous webcam viewer

Access Webcam vip at fpamp.com
Fri Feb 25 16:57:51 EST 2011

anonymous webcam viewer. 
With anonymous webcam viewer you can see anybody's yahoo webcam without his/her permission. Just enter the Yahoo ID of the person whose webcam you want to see and press "View Cam". The friend will never know that you are watching him/her. No message will go to the victim containing your Yahoo ID. You do not even need to have a Yahoo ID to see a person's webcam. The victim will never receive any request for his/her webcam by your Yahoo ID. Your name will not appear in the "Who's watching me?" list of the friends. The future version (available for only current members) will also allow you to see a cam even if it is not online. 

Download from here http://srurl.com/ebcam

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