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Fellow investors,

We at Investor Clueso believe that one of the most important steps a
publicly traded penny stock company should take is to be fully current with
their SEC filings! That being said we have great news, AVEW Action View
International Inc, has followed through and is now listed as "current" with

AVEW has traded higher since our alert and closed today at .0083! We
believe there is a whole lot more gas in the tank! The company stated in
their last PR that they are going to be working with other fight companies
in the USA and CANADA to bring their viewers weekly f i g h t s starting
some time in November! Now is the time to take a position in this rapidly
growing company!

We are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the next fight as the last
fight on Oct 16th was a sellout that was delayed 40 minutes due to the line
of f a n s at the door looking for seats!AVEW chart is setting up nicely
presenting a "Golden Cross" this is one of the most Bullish chart
indicators out there! Look for more updates from the company over the next
several weeks!

AVEW Investor Relations

"Transparency and regular communication with our shareholders is a priority
for ActionView International, and we will continue to e x plore additional
avenues through which this information can be delivered."
-- Actionview International, Inc. Chairman Gary Nerison.

Actionview International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AVEW), our wholly owned
subsidiary MatchF i g h ts LLC (MatchF i g h ts.com) and our World
Championship Full Contact (WCFC.com) brand is proud to present the very
latest in action sports entertainment --

AVEW Overview

Full contact f i g h t ing brought to you live, over the internet in
streaming high definition format.

WCFC (Ticker: AVEW) is designed to appeal to a large, global audience. They
have made their events faster paced, more intriguing and more fan oriented
by incorporating unique features like:

~No Tap Outs
~Two Minute Rounds
~No Judges
~F a n s Vote Online For The Winner

With live internet broadcast, pay-per-view product WCFC (Ticker: AVEW)
events are not r e s t r i c t e d by t.v contracts or county borders.
Anyone, anywhere that has an internet connection can watch an event and
participate through our interactive interface.


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