[Advocacy] Link Exchange - linux.org.au

jacky jacky at scienceonstage.net
Sun Nov 21 05:16:14 EST 2010


My name is Jacky, and I'm in charge of getting links for my website. I have visited your site linux.org.au and I think a link exchange could benefit us both because they have a related subject.

I'm offering you the following: If you place a link on the homepage of your site, I'll place a link to your website in my site.
And these are the websites where I would place a link to your site:

1. insurance.business.edu.pe
2. internet.business.edu.pe
3. http://scienceonstage.net/SEMT6M7LURE_0.html (PR5)

As you can see, this site have a decent PR and have a related subject, so if you are interested, reply to this mail, send me your link information ( TITLE, URL ) and I would gladly add your link soon as possible, in the next 24 hours. Then I will send you an email with my link information to be placed at yours.

Thanks a lot for your attention, hope to hear back from you.

Best regards

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