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Mon Mar 29 02:04:55 EST 2010


March 2010

Dear customers,   

We are pleased to update the following features of our PDF Reader® 2010: 

Gather, prepare, and share information in *.pdf files using PDF Reader® 2010 software. 
Streamline document development and review. 
Simplify form creation and data transfer. 
And combine multiple file types in polished *pdf portfolios that communicate clearly and help make your work shine. 
You would have various options which best fit your business requirements. Following are steps which show you how to update your current version:   

1. Go to  PDF Reader 2010 or copy and paste http://www.adobe-pdf-reader2010.com/ to your browser 
2. Choose your right options 
3. Download it and let PDF Reader® 2010 enhance your businesses.

Thanks and best regards,   

PDF Reader® 2010 

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