[Advocacy] Update New Version PDF Reader For Windows And Mac

PDF Reader update at adobe-pdf2009.net
Sun Aug 16 19:29:28 EST 2009

PDF Reader 2009 - New Version for Windows and Mac
The latest PDF Reader: Open, Edit & Create PDF Files
Included in this package:
OpenOffice Suite - Get things done more quickly and improve your work
-Open, edit and view all PDF files.
-Enhanced performance with faster loading and zooming.
-Collect your data and combine it into a high quality document.

Download the complete Office solution today and also receive free
updates and 24/7 customer support.
"Since the 90's, PDF has become the standard file format for document
exchange." - Adobe

Thank you for choosing us, the worldwide leader in PDF Reader
Best Regards,
Matthews Norman
PDF Reader 2009

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