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7 September 2007    

Hi, I am Larissa Waters, 
the Australian Greens lead Senate candidate for Queensland 

I am standing for election as Senator because I want a future where politicians focus on what's best for people and our planet, not just rich companies; where we build strong communities not just individuals; and where long term sustainability and people's well-being is more important than short term profit.
Queensland needs progressive leaders who have the courage and understanding to make decisions about what's best for us, our kids and all the other species we share this world with. We need representatives who see positive opportunities in our challenging future, and grasp them.  

In my day job I am an environmental lawyer working in the non-profit sector with Queensland communities concerned about their local environment. I'm now campaigning full time for the Senate, meeting and talking with people about issues like climate change, industrial relations, rural sector sustainability and other concerns that have been raised in the communities I visit. Last week we released a plan for a light rail circuit on the Gold Coast, to help people in that growing region get around more easily, cheaply and environmentally sustainably. During Ekka Week, we launched the Sustainable Agriculture Policy which included  an initiative for state-of-origin food labelling to help Australian consumers support local producers and reduce the impacts of transporting food all around the country.  
Most people understand that a healthy economy needs a healthy environment. These days with climate change a healthy environment needs an innovative economy to protect it. The Greens have been working on climate change for decades. We see energy efficiency and renewable energy like solar and wind power as huge opportunities to create new jobs and export dollars in regional areas, and reduce climate change at the same time. 

Here are some of our other policies you might be interested in.
*Extend Medicare to cover dental care.
*Help households and businesses be environmentally responsible by providing financial incentives.
*Increase funding of public education including pre-school and special needs students, and promote higher learning by abolishing HECS.
*All new energy to come from clean, renewable sources. No uranium mining to create dangerous nuclear power with nuclear waste and the risk of global nuclear weapons proliferation. .

To read a snapshot of all our policies, see here. http://qld.greens.org.au/election2007/policy-documents/Greens%20PolicySnapshot.pdf

For a more intensive policy document on the economic and technological initiatives proposed by the Greens to, see Senator Christine Milne’s Re-Energising Australia – Why Australia needs a new economic direction. 
On a more personal note, I am 30yrs old, grew up in Brisbane and live in the northern suburbs with my partner and small dog. I try to walk my talk by leaving the car at home, choosing local and ethical products and being involved in my community. I joined The Greens because I believe in social justice and human rights and I felt these had been lacking in politics over the last decade. I want to know I have given the children of today the best possible world to grow up in. 
Thank you for reading. If I can ask one thing of you in this upcoming federal election, it is to ensure that you are correctly enrolled to vote BEFORE the election is called. No matter who you vote for, please make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted. It's easy to check with the AEC. Just click the links below. 

To check your enrolment details with the AEC click here. 

To enrol, or to change your enrolment details click here. - 

Best wishes,

Larissa Waters 

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