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Larissa Waters, Senate candidate for QLD projects at qld.greens.org.au
Tue Nov 20 07:23:05 UTC 2007

20 November 2007

Dear Voter

Larissa Waters here, lead Senate candidate for the Greens in Queensland.
A vote for the Greens this Saturday is a vote for real action on climate change, protecting your rights at work, properly funding public health and education, and protecting human rights.
By voting 1 Greens you can get the best value for your Senate vote and double your vote in the House of Representatives – let me explain how.
Getting real value from our Senate
The Senate is meant to be a House of review, not a rubber stamp for the Government. But for the last three years, the Coalition majority in the Senate has allowed John Howard to ram through laws without proper review and debate.
Labor may win government at the next federal election, but without a strong vote for the Greens, the Coalition will still control the Senate. They would block all of Rudd’s changes and make it impossible to take action on climate change or bring in fair workplace laws.
Labor can’t win enough seats to change the Senate. Electing more Greens is the only way to rescue the Senate from being John Howard’s rubber stamp, and get it working again as a house of review and a backstop for the Australian people. That’s real value voting!
Voting 1 Greens in the Senate will keep the next Government honest and accountable – whether it is Labor or Liberal. 
On Saturday, on the big white Senate ballot paper, just vote 1 The Greens (Group M) above the black line.
If you want to specify where your preferences will go (rather than letting The Greens decide*), take a few extra minutes to number every box below the line. Start with 1 Larissa Waters for the Greens and then number the remaining 64 boxes in the order you prefer.
*The Senate preferences of all parties for ‘above the line’ voting are available at http://aec.gov.au/Elections/federal_elections/2007/candidates/gvt.htm.
Double your vote in the House of Representatives
After Saturday, either Mr Howard or Mr Rudd is going to be Prime Minister. You can send a message to them that you want action on climate change and a fair society, by voting 1 The Greens.
If you vote 1 for the Greens candidate but they don’t win, your vote will flow in full value to the candidate you voted for second.
Your number two will get the full value of your vote, but they’ll know that you liked The Greens policies better.
By voting 1 The Greens you send a message to Labor and Liberal to improve their policies, but still ensure your vote elects the major party that you prefer. It’s double value voting!
Remember to number every box on the House of Representatives ballot paper (the green one). We’ve made suggestions about the order of your preferences here, http://qld.greens.org.au/election2007/htvs/Allelectorates.gif, but how you vote is up to you.
Your vote is your voice for the future, so make it heard on Saturday!
Thank you for reading this email. 

Larissa Waters 

Would you like to help the Greens win a Senate seat this Saturday? 
Hand out how to vote cards for a few hours in your local area. 
Register here: http://greens.org.au/qld 

Authorised by Ian Gittus, 26 Horan St, West End, 4101
Message sent by: Queensland Greens, PO Box 5763, West End, 4101, Australia

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